1992 - FJ's is sold to Pelaco

By 1992, the FJ company was experiencing serious cash flow problems.  Warrnambool City Council bought the site and leased it back to the company to preserve the remaining jobs. Later that same year, the FJ company was sold to Pelaco.  

"When I commenced at Fletcher Jones in 1973 as receptionist, we had an industrial chaplain - Mr Donald Longfield.  When the personnel department formed, he was involved in developing the FJ drug and alcohol policy, along with the clothing trade union and the company doctor.  The chaplains were valuable members of staff and they were available to counsel staff.  

In 1992, we were purchased by Pelaco.  The Executive Production Manager asked management to reduce total staff by 60 people as we were to move to a more flexible workforce and they said this meant we needed people with multiple skills.  The outcome was people who had only one particular skill or people who had any disability, were retrenched - even if they had 40 years of service!  It seemed there was no compassion allowed on the day these staff were to leave.  It felt to me like people were rounded up like cattle, given their pay and then told to leave the factory.  The chaplains were not invited to be in attendance.  This was not the way of Fletcher Jones."
Joy Billings worked as receptionist at FJs from 1973-1993


December 17, 1992 headline Warrnambool Standard.  Clipping thanks to Tim Carlton

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