Bring back Florado!

The Florado Festival ran in Warrnambool each year from 1957 to 1966 and culminated with a grand parade that was “a particularly popular attraction”, according to Yule & Sayers’ history of Warrnambool By These We Flourish.  Florado was held around the Labour Day weekend in March.  

Fletcher Jones and Staff floats won first pize in Warrnambool's Florado Procession in 1962 and 1963.   Possibly in other years as well, but we are certain for these years at least!  Bring back Florado Warrnambool - how great are these floats!   And look at those costumes!  

"Imagine the thousands and thousands of flowers that were required -  mostly from our Pleasant Hill gardens! 

We dips our lids to our gardeners - they stripped their gardens for this lovely float.  Last but not least, to Jim Kelly; our dirver, who had such a hot job - buried under masses of flowers; and to all you good people who gave up a morning of our holiday, to come and help decorate the float - many with flowers from you own gardens."

Bring Back Florado - artist Glen Morgan
Warrnambool's answer to Moomba - the Florado. Photo:
FJ Staff Bulletin detailing the 1963 win.  Shared by the Jones Family
The amazing 1963 Fletcher Jones and Staff float.  Photo: shared by Valmae Bell.
1962 Florado winner - card signed by Fletcher Jones.  Photo: Jones Family Collection
The winning 1962 FJ and Staff float.  Photo: Jones Family Collection
FJ Staff Bulletin 1962 - "Surprise Packet for the Locals!"Shared by the Jones Family
FJ Float in the 1963 Florado parade.  Photo: Jones Family Collection

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