Council buys FJ Factory

At their April Council meeting in 1992, Warrnambool City Council agreed to buy the Pleasant Hill site for $750,000 and lease it back to FJs in a bid to secure the long term future of the company in the city.  The lease agreement was for an initial three-year period involving a 9% annual return to the council or $67,500 and with an option for further leases.  

As part of the deal the council took control of the gardens and picked up the costs of maintaining the gardens although they also sought volunteers to help with the upkeep to save costs.  

The FJ company was sold to Pelaco in December of the same year.  

Headline Warrnambool Standard April 28, 1992.  Shared by Lawson Ryan
Mayor David Atkinson at the FJ site and article Warrnambool Standard April 28, 1992.  Shared by Lawson Ryan
John Leach and Shane Craig face losing their jobs with council proposal to use volunteer gardeners.  Warrnambool Standard April 30, 1992.  Shared by Lawson Ryan

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