Design and Construction

Designed to boost the pressure and flow of the Pleasant Hill fire protection system, the water level in the tower was 14m higher than the main city reservoir.  The water tower was designed for moderate earthquake activity (Warrnambool experienced two earthquakes in 1903).  It consists of a spherical steel ball mounted on 1m diameter steel tripod legs. The 7m diameter fire service tank held 200,000 litres.  The weight of the ball is supported by thickened shell crown plates at the top and bottom and by a pre-stressed 1m diameter internal vertical tube, which also served as a second tank holding 8,000 litres for domestic water use in the factory. The total weight of the water was 200 tonnes!  The base of the tower, designed to resist overturning, was built in the form of a rigid space frame into which two-storey factory extensions were later incorporated as space was at a premium.   A concrete roof at the top of the base frame provides fire protection for the steel legs of the water tower.  It also serves as a maintenance platform and provides protection from falling objects.  


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