The East Warrnambool School Kids

WARRNAMBOOL East Primary School is very near to the 40m Silver Ball - it is seen by the kids at this school every day.    Kids from grades three and four gathered at the Fletcher Jones garden in October 2012 with their Silver Ball 'placards' and the reasons why they like the Silver Ball.   This was at a time when many people in our community were worried about the deteriorating state of the ball, the gardens and the factory.  Lots of people acted and made a call for the landmark silver ball to stay.  The kids' comments are priceless and tell us a lot about why the Fletcher Jones water tower is part of their heritage and worth saving.

  • It’s a big piece of art.
  • Other towns have big things, why can’t we?
  • It’s part of our history.
  • It is part of Warrnambool.
  • It is an icon.
  • Memorial for Fletcher Jones.
  • It has been there all my life.
  • No other town has one.
  • It has been around longer than I have been.
  • It looks great when you put the Christmas lights on it.
  • It is unique to Warrnambool.
  • I can see it from my house.
  • It looks pretty when the cross is on top.
  • You can see it all over town. 
  • I use it to give directions.
  • It helps me find my way to school.
  • We can look at it every day.
  • It looks awesome with the cross on top.
  • It reminds me of Warrnambool.
  • When I see the ball I know I’m home.
  • It is my favourite building.
  • It inspires people to build interesting buildings and structures. 
  • I can see it from the school grounds.
  • It is a landmark.
  • It is a Warrnambool tourist attraction.
  • It represents Warrnambool.
  • If not fixed it could become dangerous.
  • It’s starting to look ugly and needs a paint.
  • We need to look after old buildings and structures in Warrnambool.
East Warrnambool Primary School kids with their Silver Ball messages in the FJ Gardens in 2012. Image from the Warrnambool Standard

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