The five bobbers

There was a woman who was ironing her husband's FJ trousers and she somehow managed to burn a perfect iron mark on one of the legs.  Horrified, she sent them to us to see if we could repair them.  In those days we'd buy back FJ clothing for five shillings and we used to use these garments for spare parts.  Five bobbers* they were called.  So I found a pair of trousers from the five bobbers that matched the fabric of the husband's trousers and transplanted a leg and sent them back to her.  The woman was absolutely amazed and coudn't work out how we'd fixed the scorch mark so perfectly!  

Shared by Lawson Ryan, who worked for 39.5 years at FJs in the Dry Cleaning, Repair and Reforming Department.  

*The slang for a shilling was a bob

Staff in After Sales at FJs - Dry Cleaning, Reforming and Repair, 1953.  Photo: Jones Family Collection

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