FJ marries Aida Wells 1971

In February 1970, Rena Jones (Mrs. Fletcher Jones) died.  She and Fletcher had been married for 48 years and had three children, Ralph, Lois and David.  

In October 1971, FJ and Aida Wells married.  The poignant letter below was written by FJ to some of his trusted staff and friends announcing his intention to marry again and asking for them to keep the secret until the marriage.  

"I worked in the main office at FJ's & still remember the day FJ arrived after his honeymoon with his new wife Aida for a visit...such a wonderful man - he escorted Aida before him & called out at the top of his voice 'Hey the new wife!'  Poor Aida - she was a little shy at the time being confronted with so many strange faces - but we soon made her feel welcome.  It was so lovely to see them so happy."  

Sallyann Hall smiley

A poignant letter from FJ sent to Tim Carlton announcing his intention to marry Aida Wells.  Thanks to Tim Carlton.

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