Fletcher Jones – The Man (1895-1977)

In this section you will find stories about Fletcher Jones, the man.  Many of the stories are about his kindness and generosity and the values that made him loved and admired by so many in both his personal and business life.     

The range of stories and anecdotes include the entry from the Australian Dictionary of Biography (1996); stories told by former FJ employees or their families or others who knew him.  There are also stories drawn from Fletcher Jones Autobiography Not By Myself, as well as from Do You Know's and FJ Staff Bulletins that were donated or shared to the FJ Stories project.   And there are also historical documents and photographs loaned to the project. 

The best way to develop courage is to be always doing the hard, the difficult and the impossible.
What you say whispers, what you do thunders.  
You can do more work and do it better and easier when you are enthusiastic. 
Develop your imagination.  It is the difference between the man and the machine. 
It is better to start without a plan, than plan without a start.  
It is the strain that reveals the strength.
If you are a good listener, you are a good learner.     

(These are a few of the many aphorisms loved by Fletcher Jones)


“Fletcher Jones liked people.  He liked the idea of giving people working with him the chance of sharing as fully as possible in the excitement of a new enterprise.”  Neil Symons, Fletcher Jones Chairman.  



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