Glen Morgan and the CDs

In April 2016, local artist Glen Morgan gave us 3 CDs with just over 1,300 images.  The images were of Fletcher Jones, the man and the business and had been collected, scanned and curated by his son, David Jones who had given them to Glen when they served on the Warrnambool Art Gallery board together, many years earlier.  

Glen had some of the images printed to show us and he was inspired by them to start work on a series of art pieces that will culminate in a major Fletcher Jones inspired exhibition in 2018.  The images also inspired the FJ Stories project to expand what could go on this website as we now had access to some amazing and historical photos from the Jones Family.  The family had been unaware of the existence of the CDs and Glen, himself was not sure what he had because "I'm not too good with computers!' So with the Jones Family and Glen's permission, we've used quite a lot of the images to enhance stories and to do a timeline of key moments in the life of Fletcher Jones, the man and the business.  The full set of CDs are now housed in the Warrnambool and District Historical Society.  

Glen Morgan's Florado -  inspired by the images of Fletcher Jones winning float in the 1963 Warrnambool Florado Festival.

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