Parade and Picnic

The 2016 Christmas Picnic in the FJ gardens organised by community arts collective F Project featured a parade that started at the site of the Man's Shop, where FJ first opened his tailoring business in 1931 in the Warrnambool CBD corner of Koroit and Liebig St.  The parade carried bunting made from salvaged FJ fabric and a Plus 8 Man inspired lantern made from bamboo and paper.  Most people in the parade wore their FJ clothes or clothes that were re-purposed in creative and interesting ways from unfinished FJ garments salvaged from the factory by artists in 2007.  The parade walked to the Pleasant Hill site where the Christmas Picnic and Artists Markets was in full swing and the gardens were fulled with colourful, creative and joyous displays and events.  Another amazing day of community in the FJ gardens.  The gorgeous photos below are a snapshot of the wonderful images from the day taken by Rosana Sialong and Cloe Frawley.  


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