Sir Fletcher dies

“Fletcher Jones died the way he began - a poor man.  He never acquired riches, he never lived the life of a rich man and finally, all he worked for, he handed over to a Trust.”  Neil Symons, Chairman of Directors Fletcher Jones and Staff.


On the 22nd February, 1977, Sir Fletcher died in Warrnambool and was buried in the local cemetery.  He was survived by his second wife, Aida and by the daughter and two sons of his first marriage. "His estate was sworn for probate at $326,795. At that time his enterprise was one of the largest clothing manufacturers in the world, with almost three thousand employed in four factories and in thirty-three stores through every Australian capital city. Arguably, no single person or firm had done more to transform and, for a time, homogenize Australian dress standards, particularly among men, than Fletcher Jones and his staff."  Australian Dictionary of Biography Volume 14, 1996




The grave of Rena Jones and Sir Fletcher Jones in the Warrnambool cemetery.  Photo: Julie Eagles
Headline Warrnambool Standard after funeral of Sir Fletcher Jones - shared by Tim Carlton
Warrnambool Standard February 23rd 1977.  Thanks to Tim Carlton for the article from his scrapbook.

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