Troubled times

"We are operating in a particularly demanding environment at the moment and cannot predict an easing of conditions in the short term." 

By the mid 1980s, the FJ company was starting to struggle.  Significant sales shortfalls led the company to discount prices in order to clear excess stocks.   "Increasingly difficult trading conditions," with a national economy moving to recession and looming changes to end protective tariffs saw the company launch satellite labels with two U.S. based firms Haggar (trouser range for men) and Prophecy (smart street causal range for women) and British based Alexon (softly tailored women's wear range designed in Britain).   

"The examination of our business also brought us to the realisation that we really have two businesses - the traditional FJ business and the more fashionable satellite label business exemplified by Prophecy, Alexon and Van Gils.  These two businesses are now reflected in our Corporate Mission statement which has been changed appropriately.... Having realised this, it was but a short step to decide to establish a separate business under the banner 'Signatures'.  


David Jones, Managing Director's Review 1985/86.  


David Jones (left) at launch of Signature concept at Melbourne Zoo Pavilion.  Photo: Jones Family Collection
David Jones Managing Directors Review 1985/86.  
Page 2 David Jones Managing Directors Review 1985/86.  

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