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Kath Hayes (Rodgers) and Jean Altmann (Goodall) worked with Fletcher's in his Man's Shop days in Liebig St, Warrnambool.  They are now in adjoining rooms in the Lyndoch nursing home in Warrnambool and these photos show the joy in their faces as they look back at old photos found through the FJ Stories project.  They are shown as young women in the 1939 staff photo shown below.  We had so many people through the FJ Stories Project who shared their memories and stories with that look of joy.  

Kath Hayes (Rodgers) worked from the Man's Shop from 1939.  Here she is looking at old FJ photos from the FJ Stories Project on a laptop.  Photo: Carol Altmann
Jean Altmann (Goodall) who was the Man's Shop dry cleaning receptionist. Here she is looking at old FJ photos from the FJ Stories Project on her daughter's laptop.  Photo: Carol Altmann
Kath and Jean in the FJ Man's Shop photo, 1939.
Carly Clifford, granddaughter of Kath Hayes, lives at the back of Fletcher Jones and she made this beautiful flower crown for Julie Eagles to wear in the FJ Community Parade in 2016
Julie Eagles. FJ Stories Coordinator,  wearing Carly's flower crown at the FJ Christmas Picnic in 2016.  Photo: Deb Eagles

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