What’s happening now?

Since purchasing the Pleasant Hill site in 2014, Dean Montgomery has undertaken the huge task of restoring and renewing the state heritage listed buildings, Silver Ball and gardens. See the links below for news about Outlaw Gallery, Warrnambool Motor Museum and Fletcher Jones Markets, all of which occupy the FJ site. Further restoration of the site will be accompanied by new business and community ventures. Dean and his site manager, Troy Kelly, have warmly welcomed community events, visits and involvement at FJs during the restoration as “it brings life to the site.”  We anticipate that their stated aim of "creating something special for the community" will continue to thrive at FJs - they have already created something special by bringing the site back from the brink of demolition.  

Starting in 2014, each December, an F Project artists market and commuity picnic is held in the FJ gardens to echo the legendary Chrismtas parties held by Fletcher Jones for his staff.  Links below will take you to Facebook pages with news about this and other upcoming events on site.  


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