After Fletcher

The day after Sir Fletcher resigned due to ill health as Chairman of Directors in August, 1975, Neil Symons was appointed Chairman and Sir Fletcher's son, David was appointed Deputy Chairman.  

In 1979, David became Managing Director of the company - a position he held until the company was sold in 1992 to Pelaco.  David was responsible for FJs early adoption of new technology and for computerising FJs manufacturing processes.   

Neil Symons was Executive Chairman for the same period.    Neil Symons was the local solicitor that FJ approached in 1947 to help in setting up the business structure for his profit sharing company, FJ & Staff Pty.Ltd. Neil promptly told FJ that "he didn't need a business advisor, he needed a psychiatrist." However, FJ's dream was so infectious than not only did Neil Symons set up the new business - he left his job and went to work for FJ!   He described the profit sharing policy as a conscious attempt to establish a bridgehead between capitalism and socialsim.  

David Jones. Photo: Jones Family Collection
Donald Neil Symons. Photo Jones Family Collection

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