Quality Above All

"It's amazing to see women up the street still wearing their FJ skirts. The quality and cut is so plain to see and they still look like new. I've still got some of their clothes - I'm so loathe to part with them." Eleanor Anderton

"You can't wear the buggers out!"  Les Sayers (would often say this about the long lasting quality of his FJ trousers!)

"I was always a proud wearer of the Fletcher Jones skirts and jackets.  Most of my hard earned cash was spent on a new outfit as often as I could.  Recently, I unpacked my cedar chest to find a kilt, three skirts and two jackets which I have sent to my daughter in Tasmania as sadly they no longer fit me. Even today the skirts look as though they are new with crisp pleats.  It was the saddest day when I learned that the factory was closing and the skirts and jackets would no longer be made.  There has not been a manufacturer then or since that has made such good quality garments.  I am certain that there are many more women that would feel the same."  Wendy Tabrett

It's hard these days to imagine something that is made not to wear out!   And sometimes it can feel very hard to find good customer service!  The Fletcher Jones brand became synonomous with impeccable quality and with great customer service.   They made clothes that didn't fade or shrink or lose their shape and that still look almost new 20 or even 30 years later!  And that would be personally fitted for a perfect fit and then cleaned, altered and repaired for its life at minimal or no cost!  

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