The Silver Ball

Ralph Jones, engineer and eldest son of Fletcher Jones, designed the 40m tall Fletcher Jones water tower.   Erected in 1967 as part of the Pleasant Hill factory’s extensive fire protection system, the water tower’s massive concrete foundations extend through the building.  Its design is a clever use of the restrictions posed by the site, which did not allow for a traditional four-legged base.  The water tower was state heritage listed, along with other aspects of the Pleasant Hill site, in August 2006.  

Painted silver with orange/red legs, the water tower is known as the Silver Ball by locals and visitors alike. It is a much loved & distinctive landmark.  

In it's 50th year in 2017, the Silver Ball received a much needed makover and just before Christmas of the same year, it was lit up permanently on the Warrnambool skyline to the delight of many who had worried about it's gradual deterioration after the factory closed in 2005.    

"The kids used to say "we’re nearly home mum" when they saw the Fletcher Jones Ball."  Eleanor Anderton 

"It looks fantastic, more than that!! It's amazing." Gayle Ebery

"We are proud that the entrance up Raglan parade into Warrnambool is nice and shiny again." Troy Kelly and Dean Montgomery

"A great job - well done to all those who were involved in the project - it looks absolutely amazing and beautiful - Warnambool should be thankful for all the work that went into restoring the ball - it's magnificent!"  Paul Kelly 

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