These are several key resources available to learn more about Fletcher Jones, the man and the business.  Links to these resources are found below.  

The Fabric of a Dream is a 52 min documentary produced by Film Australia in 2006.  It celebrates the life of Fletcher Jones – a man who “inspired many with his bold and imaginative ideas, whose entrepreneurial skills and marketing acumen became legendary.  It also looks at those who helped him achieve his dream, exploring his relationship with Japanese reformer Toyohiko Kagawa – one of the most remarkable social activists and thinkers of the early 20th century- and highlighting the vital contribution of migrant workers to the ragtrade.  It’s a story weaving through 20th century Australian history: the aftermath of war; the challenges of global competition; the impact of immigration and the rise and fall of modern industry.”  Links to watch and buy below.  

Not by Myself  is Fletcher Jones's autobiography written in 1976, the year before he died.  Many photos from that book are on our FJ Stories website as we have had access to the Jones Family collection of photographs.  The book is available at libraries and for purchase on-line from a range of sellers.  

Melbourne Uni Archives. In parallel with the community campaign to Save the Silver Ball and Fletcher's Gardens in Warrnambool and the start of the FJStories Project, the Jones family approached the University of Melbourne Archives with an offer to donate the Fletcher Jones Archive for research and scholarly use. In 2016,  300 items (many of which also appear with stories on this website) were digitised and made available online. Items were selected in collaboration with the Jones family members for their significance to the FJ Story. Please see the link below.  

Save the Silver Ball and Fletcher's Garden's Facebook Page.  Started in February 2014 when the FJ site was in danger of demolition.  The page aimed to allow people to share stories and photos of the iconic FJ gardens and Silver Ball in particular.  The facebook page continues and now celebrates current events and news happening on the rejuventated FJ site and for people to share stories or photos from the past.  See the link below.  





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