"The plane from Melbourne to Warrnambool on Sunday night was a DC3 carrying 21 passengers and one hostess. The trip was a bit bumpy and the poor hostess was air sick! Maybe the tasty smell of the meals she was serving at the time had something to do with it. Things looked pretty grim - half a plane load of passengers looked like going hungry.  Then up rose Sir Galahad - a seasoned traveller to whom a little air turbulence is a mere trifle - and served the remaining customers, then collected all the dirty dishes and put everything neatly away, as only a well-trained husband can." FJ Staff Bulletin 9.11.1967

"Travel to FJ shops and factories was always a problem when our headquarters were in Warrnambool.  Trains or cars were available, but soon it became necessary to have speedier travel  and so it was decided to buy an aircraft – a single engine Cessna 210 – for staff transport.  Then one could be up and back to Melbourne in a day, providing the weather was kind. (Visual Flight Rules meant the Cessna could not fly above the cloud base).  Later it became necessary to have a two-engined Cessna Skynight after an earlier engine incident over Daylesford. Then Ansett began a regular service to Tullamarine, making our own airplane unnecessary. It was luxury - with breakfast on board and dinner on return!  On one flight the air hostess became ill and FJ rolled up his sleeves, prepared the trays and served us up our meal, much to the astonishment of the passengers!”  Tim Carlton, Methods Engineer Fletcher Jones and Staff Pty.Ltd. 

FJ, David Jones, Laurie Mays, Horrie Verey and and Haro Manager with the FJ twin engined Cessna Skylight VH-FJW.  The Warrnamboolian.  Photo:Jones Family Collection.
Photo: Jones Family Collection

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