And there were Peacocks in the Gardens!

In 1964, two peacocks were donated for the FJ gardens.  In 1965, a peacock house was built on the western side of the gardens, later altered to be a glasshouse and now used as a garden shed.  In 1967, the peacocks ‘departed’ as they continually escaped and caused a nuisance to the locals! 

"I remember the first time Warrnambool won the Premier City Award.  It was because of the Fletcher Jones’ gardens on the entry into the city. There were peacocks wandering around the gardens at that time too.

We used to sit out in the gardens in our lunchtime when it was sunny and the peacocks would almost walk up to you.  Then they would turn around and begin to display.  They were so beautiful, but I always felt sorry for those living close by.  The peacocks made the most unearthly wailing at night!  They were shut up by the head gardener at night.  I think he lived on the grounds at that time.  But they still screeched..."

Christine Speers.  


The peacock house just after it was built in 1965
Warrnambool Premier City Postcard shared by Christine Speers

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