The Army 1915-1917

In 1915, at the age of 20, Fletcher Jones enlisted in the 1st A.I.F.  He served in WW1 as a private in the 57th Batallion in both Egypt and France.  

In 1917, he was invalided home from war after being buried alive for four hours and unconscious for 8 days.  The army found him a job as an electroplater in Little Bourke St in Melbourne.  He only lasted 6 days in the job.  

"I had not realised that I would be classified C3 and thus entitled to a war pension for the totally and permanently incapacitated.  Charlie Rowe, a school mate from Bendigo, was with me when I joined the pension queue for the third time at the Clifton Hill Post Office.  Perhaps God was managing me again, for suddenly when almost at the pay counter I broke free of the queue and went for my life down Queen's Parade.  I had coped with shellshock, falling sickness and malaria, but they were illnesses of the past: one more pension pay might hook me for life.  Six years later a letter from the Repatriation Department informed me my pension had accumulated to a sizeable sum.  I still did not touch it."  

Fletcher Jones, Not By Myself. Wentworth Press, 2010. Chapter 5 - The Army. 

FJ served as a private from 1915-1917 during WW1.  Photo: Jones Family Collection
FJ's army discharge papers.  Image: Jones Family Collection
 FJ (right) in Egypt during WW1.  Photo: Jones Family Collection
FJ at age 20 at the time of enlistment in the army.   Photo: Jones Family Collection

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