A belt in the ear!

My husband Ian's dad and mum, they both worked at FJ's.  Wally Ferguson worked on the outside staff for 39 years from 1949-1983 and Mary worked as a machinist when the factory was in Liebig St above the Man's Shop.  

Sir Fletcher and Wally Ferguson, they really enjoyed each other's company.  Sir Fletcher used to say ..."whenever I feel a bit down, I seek out Wally...and within minutes I'm okay again."

The most common stoush went like this.."G'day Mr. Ferguson, how'd you like a belt in the ear?"

"Good morning Mr. Jones ...how'd you like to be good enough to do it?"

Then Mr. Jones would walk away with a grin on his face a mile wide and I reckon that little exchange had made his day.

Shared by Michelle Ferguson and Trevor Walsh 


Wally Ferguson, second from left in the back row, with the FJ outdoor staff in 1968.  The factory was self sufficient and had it's own tradesman - plumbers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics.  Photo:Photo shared by Richard Koosje Herlihy
FJ Christmas Party, 1949.  Arrow bottom right corner points to Wally Ferguson holding Ian Ferguson as a boy.  Photo: Shared by Michelle Ferguson.

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