A breakfast ritual

"During the last two years of his working life, Sir Fletcher would arrive at work around 7am and come into the kitchen where I would be making the sausage rolls and frying the chips for the first time.  He had one of the carpenters make a lovely little cupboard that was on the kitchen wall where he stored his billy along with tea and sugar. Fletch would bring the billy to the boil, make himself and me a cup of billy tea - even swinging the billy around in circles! The bread was delivered around 6.45am, so he would go across to the sandwich bar, get two slices of bread, butter them and place tomato sauce on them and then cut them into quarters.  He would often bring them back in to the kitchen where I was working and sit on a stool to eat them or sometimes he'd take them back to his office.  That was his breakfast." 


Wayne Manley (one of the chefs who used to work in the FJ Staff canteen) 

The Staff Canteen - 1949.  Photo: Jones Family Collection
The Staff Canteen - December 2005 just before the Pleasant Hill factory closed. Photo: Tim Carlton

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