A dog for a coat

"I've got a story about FJ to share but I have to tell you it's got a sad ending!  You know he used to travel the district in his early days as a hawker?  Well, out Koroit way, FJ was visiting the farms and he saw a dog he liked.  It belonged to my father-in-law, Ned Fitzgibbon.  It was a real nice, red retriever gun dog and he said to Ned he'd like the dog.  Ned said he'd like an overcoat and so they made the swap - a dog for a coat.  Well that beautiful tweed overcoat was loved and handed down in our family over many years.  Then I had to move house and my nephew cleared out the garage and THREW THAT COAT TO THE TIP!  I was very upset, but because he was helping me I couldn't say much and that's the sad ending to my story."

M Fitzgibbon.  

Rena Jones with FJ staff travelling with Digger the dog- not a red retriever so not the dog of this story!  Photo: Jones Family Collection

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