FJ travels to Japan

Fletcher Jones was interested in the writing of Dr. Toyohiko Kagawa – a labour leader & social reformer in the Japanese co-operative movement.  When Kagawa visited Australia in 1934, Fletcher Jones persuaded him to visit Warrnambool where he gave a series of lectures.  In 1936, Fletcher Jones went to Japan for five months to visit Kagawa’s cooperative and social service projects.  On his return FJ decided to turn his company into a staff co-operative.  Two of the principles were staff share in ownership and maximum consultation between staff and management.   

Fletcher Jones at Kawaga School, Japan 1936
From Kagawa School 1936
The rag trade - Osaka, 1936
Dr. Toyohiko Kagawa
Osaka 1936
Kamo Maru- the ship FJ travelled on to Japan
Osaka 1936
Detail from the back of Sir Fletcher Jone's Funeral Brochure showing a Kagawa poem. Eleanor Anderson loaned the brochure to the FJ Stories Project.

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