Fletcher Jones Story Panel

This 5m x 1.5m panel is located on the Fletcher Jones (Pleasant Hill) site.  It was created in 2015 as part of the Fletcher Jones Stories Project. The panel features images of the installation and history of the Silver Ball and the unique development of the FJ gardens as a haven for staff, tourists and locals.  Designed by Mark Rashleigh using photos, anecdotes and information shared during the first part of the FJ Stories Project.  Souvenir cards of the panel are available at the entrance to the Fletcher Jones second hand markets.  

Many people generously shared photos for the panel.  These include:

University of Melbourne, Mark Rashleigh, Arnold McKay and Family, Fitzgibbon Family, Lisa Gervasoni, Tim Umney and Tonia Wilcox, Warrnambool Standard, Andrew Kirkham, Kate-Maree Jackway, Warrnambool and District Historical Society, Eleanor Anderton, Peter Joseph Stapleton, Gaetano Remine, Margaret Eagles and Family, John Selby Campbell and Family, Tony and Claire Drylie, Mona Timms via Glenda McGennan 'the bride', Colleen Hughson, Carol Altmann and Bluestone Magazine, Kathy Cross and the Fletcher Jones Family Collection.  

Funding for the panel came from the FJ Foundation, The Gouge Girl, Gwena nd Edna Jones Foundation and from Warrnambool City Council Community Development Grant.  


Mark Rashleigh in front of the beautiful FJ Story panel he designed. The photo is taken  just after it's unveiling at the 2015 FJ Christmas Party. Photo:Colleen Hughson
Rena Cotter, granddaughter of Fletcher Jones just after the unveiling of the FJ Story Panel at the 2015 community Christmas picnic in the FJ gardens.  Photo: Colleen Hughson
Glenda McGennan now and then as a bride in the FJ gardens on the FJ Story Panel.  Photo: Colleen Hughson

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