I met my hubby

"I started at FJ when I was 15. My maiden name was Oakley. I was introduced to a lanky young man by the name of Doug Davis - we both worked in trousers. I did pockets and binding. Doug did a bit of everything and he was a section leader for a while.  We now have been married for 36 years with 3 children and 7 grandchildren. Loved working there, wonderful memories, thanks FJ."  Lynette Davis

"l got married while working there, everyone collected money and gave me hand-held electric beaters, l still have them today and yes they still work coming up 40 yrs!  Marion Coleman-was Tufts

"So many of us met and married the boys we worked with. I did 48 years ago and have been married 44 years. I worked in skirts on an overlocker and Ian, my hubby, was a cutter." Michelle Anne Ferguson

"I met a lot of nice Italian boys in the gardens at FJs" Eleanor Anderton 

One of the many couples who met at Fletcher Jones.  Lynette and Doug Davis on their wedding day. Photo: Lynette Davis

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