Mum on her honeymoon

In 1961, a new young librarian arrived in Mt Isa and quickly grabbed the attention of the local lads - perhaps helped by an article in the North West Star newspaper advertising her arrival!

Lindsay Gordon Duus was running sound and lighting for the Mt Isa Theatrical Society when Fern Brae Robertson joined the theatrical society shortly after arriving in Mt Isa and it was here they first met. 

A photo of their first date also hit the pages of the North West Star and in March 1963 they were married and drove south on their honeymoon. 

Their honeymoon drive along the Great Ocean Road included a trip to Warrnambool and a visit to the beautiful gardens of the Fletcher Jones factory which Lindsay photographed, capturing his young bride and the gardens for posterity.

It's wonderful to see Dad's old photos being shared again on this website!  I don't think even dad could have imagined, while doing slide-nights at our home for invited guests, that one day everybody could look at his photos!  

Ken Duus

This photo is Mum (Fern Brae Duus) in the FJ gardens during her honeymoon so that solidly puts the date at March or April 1963! Photo: Lindsay Duus 
The symmetry and extraordinary manicured detail of the FJ gardens in 1963. Photo: Lindsay Duus
View of the FJ gardens looking towards the carpark for workers in 1963.  Photo: Lindsay Duus

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