The gardens have changed over the years and while there are quite a few sculptures still in the FJ Gardens, some unfortunately have been lost or damaged over time or in the dark days when the site was falling down.  The current owner is repairing and restoring the scultptures that remain in the gardens including the waterfalls.  

"The foundation for the waterfall has been poured, the concrete is cured and we're ready for the next step.  We've been able to find what seems to be the right type of natural rock for the waterfall from the Panmure Quarries... These Cascade Falls are similar to the ones at Surfer's Paradise from which Mr. Jones got the idea.  It will be placed in a tree setting with suitable types of plants planted alongside the falls.  The waterfalls are constructed of slab type rock and round washed stones, which will be very effective.  The still pond at the bottom will have water lilies.  This, surrounded by bush-like setting will, when finished, give the western end of the gardens a lovely background.  (FJ Staff Bulletin or Do You Know 7.9.67) "

You will find a couple of links below the photos to interesting stories originally published in Bluestone Magazine. One is about Metamorphosis - a sculpture that was once on the side of the Pleasant Hill factory and also to a slide show of the making of the famous Robert Ullman sculpture that is still in the gardens.  It was hewn from a large bluestone boulder as a memorial to Sir Fletcher Jones.   

Unfortunately no longer in the gardens!  Photo: Jones Family Collection
The Cascade falls.  Photo: 1968 Jones Family Collection
Waterfall in the gardens.  Still there and working again.  Photo:1968 Jones Family Collection
At one time, there were lots of the Plus 8 meant sculptures on the buildings and in the gardens.  Photo: Jones Family Collection
Another view of the Plus 8 Man seat in the gardens.  Sadly lost.  Photo: Jones Family Collection
The Plus 8 Man who used to hang in the gardens is now in pieces after being vandalised in the dark years of the site.  There is hope that he will be restored or replicated.  Photo: Jones Family Collection
The Plus 8 Man is now in pieces and irreparable as his legs are gone after being vandalised in the dark days of the Pleasant Hill site when it was left to crumble.  There were many Plus 8 Men around the factory and gardens but these all disappeared under the watch of the previous owner.
Postcard showing the Plus 8 Man in all his glory.  There are hopes to have a replica made and hanging back in the gardens in the next 12 months.
The Robert Ullman sculpture was  made as a memorial to Sir Fletcher Jones.  Program for its dedication loaned by Stan Crow.
Poster from the dedication of the Robert Ullman sculpture - loaned by Eleanor Anderton.
The Robert Ullman sculpture is a favourite with kids!  Photo taken at the 2015 community Christmas party in the gardens.Photo: Warrnambool Standard.

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