Second Story Panel at FJ's

At the 2016 Community Christmas Picnic in FJ Gardens, a second FJ story panel was unveiled on site by none other than 91 year old Ralph Jones, son of Sir Fletcher Jones and designer of the Silver Ball.    

This 5mx1.5m panel documents the life of Sir Fletcher Jones and the business he built on his return from service in WW1. We see images of FJ as a young soldier and as a travelling hawker through to his knighthood in 1974, having built a successful clothing manufacturing business employing almost 3,000 people.

Sir Fletcher’s inspiring personal and business philosophy was founded on quality, innovation, value for money and after sales service for the life of the garment. FJ, the man and FJ’s the company had an emphasis on people rather than profit.  Inspired by the teachings of Dr. Toyohiko Kagawa, a labour leader and social reformer in the Japanese co-operative movement, Fj turned his company into a worker’s cooperative. Over time, FJ’s employees became the majority shareholders of the business and staff were involved in decision making at the factory floor through to board level.

Fletcher Jones welcomed people of all cultures, abilities and ages and sometimes whole families worked at Fletcher’s! His motivational techniques included quirky incentives such as delivering morning tea buns from Balfour’s in Adelaide by the company plane!  FJ gave most of his wealth away and he encouraged his staff to likewise give service to others. His legacy lives on in the strong community connection to the FJ Pleasant Hill site and the great affection his memory evokes amongst those who knew him.  



Michelle Cust, Wilma Williams, Valmae Bell, Lawson Ryan, Tim Carlton, Collette Harper, Clare Doecke, Dianne Rae, Stan Crow, Claire Drylie, Ralph Jones via Bluestone, David Owen, The Jones Family Collection.  


Special thanks also to 

Tim Carlton, Melinda Barrie, Susan Jones, Troy Kelly, Dean Montgomery, Save the Silver Ball and Fletcher’s Gardens Facebook Community Former Fletcher Jones Employees Facebook Community Warrnambool and District Historical Society, Warrnambool Planning and Heritage Group Inc F Project and Bluestone Magazine, the FJ Stories Project Steering Group. 

Funding: FJ Foundation, Isobel and David Jones Foundation.  

Graphic Design Mark Rashleigh

Project Coordination Julie Eagles



L-R Rena Cotter, Ralph and Joyce Jones in the FJ Gardens at the 2016 community picnic after the unveiling of the second FJ Story Panel.  Note Tonia Wilcox in the distant left hand of the photo in her Silver Ball costume!  Photo: Rosana Sialong

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