Service is the Rent We Pay

Fletcher Jones was influenced by the philosophy of two men in particular - the Japanese Christian philosopher and labour reformer, Dr. Kagawa and by Tubby Clayton - a Queensland born army chaplain and founder of the TocH movement.  One of the philosophies of the TocH movement is that we all owe a rent for the space we occupy on earth.  Fletcher was a generous man - with his time, attention and resources.  He encouraged this generosity and notion of service to others in his staff.  This is a very small selection of Do You Knows from 1972 that show just some of the many activities & fundraising undertaken by FJ staff to help others.  

"Thanks to the selfless efforts of 50 people at least 50,000 underprivileged families throughout NSW will have a happier Christmas this year.  The good Samaritans are members of the staff of Fletcher Jones.  Over the past year they have raised $1500 for the Smith Family.  Our staff travelled distances up to 25 miles and more, despite bus strikes and rain, to participate in their annual pilgrimage to the 'Smith Family' Storie in Crown St Sydeny.  Between them they packed more than 20 tons of food and toys, which will be sent to needy fmailies throughout the state.  They came straight from the office and work room and, except for a cup of coffee, worked without a break.  The packers ranged from executive staff to two machinists who packed the 'Smith Family' hampers for 16 years. Good on yer you Sydney-siders and best wishes from us all."

"The bus was given to the Northern Districts Spastic Centre in Pascoe Vale and is described by them as "one of the best Christmas presents ever received."  It was presented to the Centre by Fletcher Jones & Staff, supporters for several years.  The air-conditioned bus can carry 17 spastic children, including 2 wheel-chair passengers who get aboard with the help of a hydraulic hoist.  Congratulations to our cobbers in Brunswick for making this wonderful Christmas gift possible! The staff contributions amounted to $1393.50 and the company contributed a similar amount." 

"What is a stryker cushion?  No, it's not a conundrum; it's an intelligent question about a very real, and, unfortunately, necessary article of everyday living.  Amongst the articles donated his year by our Melbourne staff in their charity work were 'Stryker' cushions for the crippled children at Yooralla.  Some of the little crippled kids at Yoralla have no feeling at all from the waist down, and are thus prone to develop sores on their buttocks.  A Lancashire man, after sitting still for 4 hours waiting for the soccer match to start, remarked to his neighbour, "Bai goom choom, but me boom's noomb."  But these crippled children don't have even that much feeling, and these particular cushions will stabilise the pressure on the necessary areas and thus give relief to the child afflicted with these sores.  Stryker cushions are but one of a 'mixed bag' of aids provided by Melbourne staff.  We'll look at some more another time."  



Del Clapp receiving a cheque for the Warrnambool Handicapped Support Group from Fj Staff Rep. Photo: Jones Family Collection
FJ Sydney Staff pack Christmas parcels for the Smith Family.  Photo: Jones Family Collection
Luigi Zoran, Manager of the FJ Brunswick factory, presents a cheque to Spastic Centre towards their bus."The bus was given to the Northern Districts Spastic Centre in Pascoe Vale and is described by them as 'one of the best Christmas presents ever received."  Photo: Jones Family Collection
Graham Greave, FJ Staff Rep, presents a cheque to Chairman of Warrnambool Handicapped Support Group.  Photo: Jones Family Collection.
Do You Know from 1972 - Junior Board of FJs caring for the elderly citizens in nursing homes and hospitals around Warrnambool. Shared by Doug Maloney and Family
"Yalundah is the organisation which provides day care for retarded children (in Warrnambool) .... There are one or two tasks of a repetitive nature which we have been able to adapt to suit Yalundah folk.  We pay full market value for all work done..." Shared by Doug Maloney and Family
Milk for Pakistan babies.  Staff Do You Know  Bulletin from 1972.  Shared by Doug Maloney and Family

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