In August, 1956 FJs began skirt production at Pleasant Hill. Fletcher Jones was commissioned to make the 1956 Australian men's and women's Olympic uniforms.  This marked the company's first venture into women's clothing.  

"I still see people up the street wearing their FJ kilts or straight skirts - it’s amazing to see that they still look like new!  The quality and cut is still so clear to see.  I’ve still got some of the clothes myself - I’m so loathe to part with them."  Eleanor Anderton 

"My mother was buried in her FJ kilt.  She used to wear it dancing on Saturday nights at the Caledonian society hall."

In the video, FJ Tailor Gae Remine talks about re-designing one of the FJ skirts.  

FJ Skirt brochure. Jones Family Collection
The 1956 Olympic Uniforms designed and made by FJs.  This was FJs first manufacture of women's skirts.  Photo: David Owen
Rosalyn Freckleton amongst the FJ skirts.  Photo:Jones Family Collection
Advertising FJ skirts. Shared by Dianne Gaetani
Advertising FJ skirts. Shared by Dianne Gaetani



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