"They call us the FJ Family"

My mum and dad both worked at Fletcher's and I spent my childhood going to the FJ Christmas parties.  My mum had long retired to raise us 6 kids and then, when my dad died, my dad's boss Archie Ewing came and saw mum.  Anyway with me not likely to become a Rhodes scholar, he offered me an apprenticeship.  It led to a great part of my life, putting a roof over my head and meeting great people.  Peter McArdle 

FJ's was a place like no other.  Friendships formed forever, marriages, babies, and memories - that's the best thing - the memories. Let's make sure we keep those memories alive.  Sharon Densely

My first day was very frightening.  I felt so lost, so many workers all knowing the ropes, all going so fast.  I was told by the worker next to me "when the siren goes for morning tea break, have your finger on the switch ready to switch your machine off - and rush to get in the queue at the canteen or you will waste your morning tea break waiting in the queue!"  I soon realised this was good advice - the first three days I was last in the queue!  I felt so out of place that first day.  I give thanks for the worker who kindly offered me a place at their table to share morning tea - my first taste of belonging in the Fletcher Jones family.  Mavis Cooper 


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