Time to settle down!

In 1924, Fletcher Jones and Rena Jones settled in Warrnambool.  FJ leased 3 adjoining shops in the northern end of Liebig St. owned by Ted Oakley.  Apparently Ted pursued FJ and Rena on the road and "talked and talked and talked" them into leasing the shops, which he apparently thought would be ideal for FJ - although FJ himself thought they were at the 'wrong' end of the street.  FJ and Rena at any rate did want to settle away from life on the road and although at first they were afraid of Warrnambool because it seemed too big and already had three large department stores, they went back to Warrnambool for another look and nodded at Ted and made Warrnambool their home.      

The three Speciality Shops opened in 1924 selling Men's and Boy's wear, Hoisery and Linen and Manchester. After initial and severe financial difficulties, the business started to prosper & FJ opened a small tailoring room.

Chapter 15, Putting down roots -  'Not by Myself'  FJ's autobiography published in 1976.

1924 - The first stores leased by FJ in northern Liebig St.  Photo: Jones Family Collection

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