Where do the coins go?

The wishing well is a much loved part of the Fletcher Jones Gardens. All the coins from the wishing well went to Lyndoch (a large nursing home in Warrnambool) - one of the many philanthropic Fletcher Jones stories. Today that philanthropic tradition is continuing with the new owner of Fletcher Jones - the coins in the well are collected periodically and given to the Leila Rose Foundation.  

This is one of the FJ daily staff updates that tells a story about the coins in the wishing well from the 70's. Over 400 Fletcher Jones staff daily updates or DO YOU KNOWs from 1970 and 1971 were kindly shared by Doug Moloney and family to the FJ Stories project.  These bulletins and the stories they tell offer great insight into the positive, people centred and often humourous culture of FJ and Staff.

Wishing Well  - Relativity

Very few people understand Einstein’s “theory of relativity” and we’re not even going to try, except to say that it’s a bit like our Wishing Well. Last year, we received as donations from our Wishing Well over three hundred and sixty dollars; $361.48 to be precise.  That’s good isn’t it?The previous year we received $456, and the year before $441 and the year before that $448. 

What was it last year again - $361?  Gee that’s bad. But we said it was good a moment ago.  How can the same thing be good and bad at the same time? Hanged if I know, but a little bloke called Professor Einstein proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

One thing we do understand; Three hundred and sixty one dollars has gone to where it was really needed.   (Lyndoch – my addition).

While we’re on the subject, we could report that from 1st July to 31st January, we collected $102 donations to the Y.M.C.A. from empty soft drink bottles. 


A beautiful photo of the wishing well taken with a drone camera by Matt Lanyon in 2015.
The wishing well in 1978.  Photo: Jones Family Collection

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