Who Fell in the Pond?

Is it true about the bride that fell in the pond? 

"I spoke to dad today. He does remember the incident. He was the videographer on the day and captured the whole thing (he had a little side business back then and used to video weddings). 

The whereabouts of that footage however is unknown. According to him it was the bridesmaid who fell into the pond, not the bride. The story is, he and the photographer were waiting at the gardens after the church service for the wedding party to arrive for photos. After some time and no wedding party to be seen, dad and the photographer thought they had the wrong location, so they started to pack up to head to the botanical gardens where they thought maybe it was supposed to be instead.  

As they were starting to pack up the wedding party turned up.

They were shit faced!!!   They’d taken a slight detour and ended up down the beach for a few beverages!  They got out of the car and staggered down the steps to the gardens & began to lineup for photos when the bridesmaid decided to get a quick snap in front of the pond. Someone said to her “be careful you don't fall in” as she stumbled around.  She said “it's ok I won't.... “ and the words fall in didn't even get out as she fell backwards straight into the water!  They fished her out and took her home to get changed but she never made it to the reception, she was too pissed!  At the end of the night, dad asked the bride “would you like me to edit that bit out?”  She said “ no, it's what happened and I want it left in.” So he did.

Justin Fry

NOT the bridesmaid who fell in the pond! Photo of Glenda McGennan's bridal party in front of the pond in the FJ gardens.

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