Staff at FJs were paid well if they worked hard. Production bonuses were paid to staff on the factory floor for work produced over the quotas that were set for each task by the time and motion Methods Engineers.

 "Meeting quotas was very important each week, so that by Friday you could ease back a bit, as we worked very quickly." Rachel Van Run

"One week I made nearly an extra weeks pay with overtime and bonuses for my piece work.  Bus travellers also had their weekly tickets refunded.  We had to put our tickets in the box Monday mornings and they were handed back at the end of the day"  Patricia Campbell.  

"My pay was 11 pounds in 1961 but with bonuses I could earn twice that.  That was a lot of money."  Gaetano Remine 

"I loved the incentives - I had often finished my quota by lunchtime! No other jobs, like hairdressing, had the same appeal because the money couldn't be matched."  

"It was a happy place to work.... we all worked hard, foremost our work had to be excellent quality (or we got it back to unpick and do again which none of us wanted) especially because we were working on a quantity bonus in our weekly pay packet." Mavis Cooper

Fletcher Jones also had an attendance bonus for staff.  

"Most people are entitled to an attendance bonus of 60 cents if they are at work every day and not late at any time during the week (including lunch and tea breaks). This means that if they are late or absent for any reason at all, they lose their bonus for the week. 

Our staff supports a number of local charities.  To help with this work, we suggest that everyone contribute 5 cents per week to the Charity Account.  You'll be asked to agree to the deduction of 5 cents for this purpose from your attendance bonus.  (If you miss out on your attendance bonus in any week, the Charity Account will not suffer, as the company will pay the 5 cents for you.  FJ Conditions of Work booklet from the 70s.  

Quota sheets from FJs showing how long the task should take and how much the bonus was for every one over quota.  Shared by Fran McKane

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