Staff rewards and engagement

"You can do more work, and do it beter and easier, when you are enthusiastic".  

"An ounce of praise is worth a ton of criticism."  

"Don't be afraid of your boss.  If you are, lose the fear or lose the boss."  

Fletcher Jones understood the importance of showing appreciation and rewarding people for a job well done. "He was wonderful because he liked people. He valued his staff and he showed this appreciation in small and big ways."  It was one of FJ's ideals that people should be given a share in managing the organisation in which they work.  

"We had a sense of ownership in what we were doing" said Dean Russ during the 2016 reunion of 150 workers from the Cutting Room.  "It was an inspiring place to work as a young fella and I still miss the place very much."

This sense of ownership was literal as staff were shareholders but it also came from the way staff were involved in decisions in their work through the 'management by consultation' principles that guided the business. In turn, Fletcher Jones, the man and the business gained the loyalty and love of employees.  



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