Computers go underground!

Well for me I think the most exciting time was with the introduction of the Gerber automated high ply cloth cutting system and later with the cutting of single cloth plys by laser.  That was quite dramatic and I was in on the layout of that.  The whole advent of computer technology just completely revolutionised that side of our business and that is what led us to lead the field in Australia.  This led us to developing the computer operations room.  We had to find a spot for it and what we did was to dig out the sandstone underneath the existing factory.

Tim Carlton: Chief Industrial Engineer with Fletcher Jones and Staff from 1959-1985. 
Interview at 3YB in May 1985 with Philipa O’Donnell with Tim Carlton reflecting on his career upon his recent retirement.


The Gerber System - a computer driven cloth cutter installed in 1975.  Photo: Jones Family Collection
View of the sandstone tunnels leading to the computer room and other storage areas under the FJ Factory.  Photo: Tim Carlton
The computer bunker at FJs.  Photo: Jones Family Collection
In the  computer bunker, FJs.  Photo:Jones Family Collection

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