First Award in the World

By the 1960s, the Fletcher Jones company was the largest Australian user of fine merino wool.  It had also pioneered the use of a number of scientific processes that greatly extended the advantages of wool, including the Si-Ro-Set permanent pressing processes developed by the CSIRO.  

First Award in the World  - Fletcher 'Merino' Jones

It happened last Thursday, in the presence of a fully attended meeting of the Australian Wool Board.  Presentation was made by International Chairman, Sir William Gunn.  

A beautifully sculptured model of a prize Merino Ram has been struck for presentation to people who have made an outstanding contribution to the good cause of Merino wool.

The very first presentation model is affixed to an oak stand on which a silver strip is attached carrying the inscription....

"Presented by Sir William Gunn to Fletcher Merino Jones - Fletcher Jones & Staff - on behalf of International Wool Board in Appreciation of Outstanding Service to Merino Wool."

Present at the ceremony were - David Jones, Bruce Stevenson, Jell Down, Norm McCullough, Les Wrigley.  

Speaking on behalf of the Board, Sir William said, among other things, "This is the first Honour Oscar presented to anybody in the world, and it goes to Fletcher Jones & Staff for outstanding loyalty to top quality Merino over the years." 

Continuing, Sir William mentioned the manner in which Pleasant Hill had helped pioneer Si-Ro-Set under first mass production conditions, and that lately David had served in developing top grade stretch wool ladies slacks.  The sculptured model is now on display at Queen St and will shortly come to Warrnambool and then tour all F.J. shops.... A little carton of grass and water will go with it for the person comfort of this magnificent ram!  

Do You Know or FJ Staff Bulletin 18.2.1964


Fabric cellar Pleasant Hill Factory.  The Australian Wool Board award to Fletcher Jones recognised the company as the largest Australian user of fine merino wool. Photo: Jones Family Collection

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