The FJ holiday home for staff.

"There was a Fletcher Jones holiday home available for staff.  All you had to do was make a booking at the office and you could go stay for there for free.   

Mr. Jones was in Adelaide and bought an old open topped double decker bus at auction, which he had towed to his block at East Beach in Port Fairy.  There, members of our outside staff set it up on a pad, roofed over the top deck and converted it into living quarters complete with kitchen and dining area.  Outside was a dunny and shower hut.  For holidaymakers it was great for swimming and sand castling at East Beach, which was only 30 metres away!  Also FJ had a boat moored in the Moyne River and if you were lucky, he would take you out fishing in the bay!   It was an ideal holiday spot.  Later a second holiday home was constructed nearby, all excellently equipped, including the provision of a trampoline and billiard table.” 

Tim Carlton 

"Since we purchased our now-famous Adelaide Bus in 1952, over 400 families from F.J. shops and factories (from scattered parts of Australia) have holidayed in it.  'The Bus' as it is affectionately called - stands on the beach at Port Fairy.  It was nursed across the Coorong Plains by Harry Duggan and Fred Kohlman in 2 days flat!.... The trip across the 90 mile desert was indeed rugged....

It was driven on to it's present resting spot without breaking one tree on the property.  Harry then cut the top away from the chassis and then sold the chassis for more than we paid the Adelaide auctioneer for the lot!  Upstairs now carries 2 bedrooms (5 beds), and a kitchen is located where the engine was.  Bath, shower and laundry are detached."

Do You Know Staff Bulletin 1968.  


Tim and Peggy Carlton drinking tea in the hammock swing - on holiday at the FJ Port Fairy Bus around 1961.
The double decker bus after being converted into a holiday house for FJ staff!
How I remember the floor plan of the bus - Tim Carlton
FJ Staff Bulletin 1968.  Jones Family Collection
FJ Staff Holiday Home Burgled.   FJ Staff Bulletin 1959
Our Luck's in at Port Fairy.  FJ Staff Bulletin 1963

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