Planned Obsolescence - what horrible words!

From a Do You Know (daily FJ Staff Bulletin)  dated 25/9/1962.  


Planned Obsolescence

Horrible words these; and we will surely hear more about this practice.  

Instead of striving to give "more and more for less and less", many manufacturers favour "planned obsolescence."

This means deliberately building shorter life into goods.  

A new book "The Waste Makers, by Vance Packard, exposes this new practice.  

To our surprise, this planned obsolescence has touched us thus wise.  

Early this year, at the request of the Australian Trade Commissioner, we sent a sample of FJ trousers to America.  Here is the report in reply:-

  1. American retailers were horrified with the trousers…. They are TOO GOOD!  “They would never get customers in again ---- trousers would never wear out.”
  2. The retailers said, “Surely Fletcher Jones should study “planned obsolescence” – so necessary in the American market. 

FJ comment: “Our faith will stay with very top quality.  Our customers quickly tell us (in no uncertain words) when they think our quality slips even a wee bit. 


"This is the house that quality built."From a Do You Know (daily FJ Staff Bulletin)  dated 25/9/1962.  

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