The quality goes on

"It was a happy place to work and I made many special friends.  We all worked hard; first and foremost our work had to be of excellent quality or we got it back to unpick and do again, which none of us wanted especially if you were working on a quantity bonus in your weekly pay packet!"  Mavis Cooper

"I worked in the cutting room, cutting skirts.  They were great days.  Everyone worked hard all day and you had to be very accurate in measuring and cutting or the skirts wouldn't be good enough for the customers who had been fitted and ordered them.  Checks had to be matching or they were sent back or if they were cut 1/16 of an inch out, they were sent back and we had to make a new one." Betty Goodman. 

"Excited!  I just bought a pure wool Fletcher Jones Red Tartan skirt from a vintage store. It's in fabulous condition. Their garments were of such high quality." Chris Allen Granter

"Some weeks ago I showed Katya the superb documentary 'Fabric of a Dream' - the story of Fletcher Jones. Fletcher Jones was Australian business practice at its best, a quality clothing manufacturer, that treated its workers as family and for many years produced the best clothing in the country for both men and women. It disappeared years ago, crushed by Chinese competition. With it's passing went something very fine. Jobs which had security, dignity and pride. A very happy work force was no more. Well, blow me down. Katya now alert to this touching story, is browsing an OP shop and she finds two brand new Fletcher Jones suits, never worn - the two for under $100. I was thrilled that she bought them. They will be treasured family possessions. And who knows we might use them then for some film production recreating the 1950's. Well done, Katya!"  Mike Rubbo

Katerina Rubbo modelling her FJ suit happily just purchased from an opportunity shop.  Photo: Mike Rubbo

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