Stay, Stay, Stay

"For this reason alone it should stay! You know you’re home when you see that big silver ball rise up out of the highway!" Dale Starick

 Tonia Wilcox's passionate poem became a rallying point when the local FM radio station read it after being overwhlemed by a yes vote on a poll as to whether the Silver Ball should stay or go from Warrnambool's skyline.   This followed an article in the Warrnambool Standard questioning whether the Silver Ball was a proud symbol or a rusting eyesore that should be pulled down!  

“The Silverball is an icon for Warrnambool, an important part of our heritage and culture that is instantly recognisable as being part of Warrnambool and unique to us and our skyline. 

I get a thrill when I drive up the highway and she rises up like a majestic full moon above the horizon. I look for her as I live my life here, and she watches over me as I walk to the end of the breakwater, as I drive out to Gateway Plaza for my shopping, as I dropped the kids off at kinder and as I go to check out the waves at the Flume.

The Silverball is no longer used for her original purpose as a water tower, and I think that a lot of people here just don't see her any more. I challenge you to look at her - REALLY look at her with clear eyes and an open heart and consider how much a part of your life she has been without you even realising.

Now I want you to consider that the Silverball is our largest piece of public art and imagine how she might look wearing a fresh new silver coat and a funky new pair of scarlet stockings.......

We need to look after our heritage - and not just the 'normal' heritage like the old Post Office. We need to look after our slightly kooky heritage too! Heritage post offices are a dime a dozen. There is only ONE Silverball.....Without the ball we could just be anywhere!  With the Silverball you know you are in Warrnambool, and you couldn't possibly be anywhere else.”

Tonia Wilcox (founder of the Save the Silver Ball and Fletcher's Gardens Facebook Page that was set up in February 2014).  

Dale Starick - For this reason alone it should stay! You know you’re home when you see that big silver ball rise up out of the highway!
You see her from the Breakwater - photo Dale Starick
Tonia Wilcox with daughter Jemma watching repairs to the silver ball in 2014- Photo Julie Eagles

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