We do find considerable satisfaction.....

“We do find considerable satisfaction in being able to run our business without having to concern ourselves with the possible reaction of unknown shareholders whose only interest tends to be the profit they can make from their investment.

As owners of our own business, we believe that we can support our Founder’s conviction that the right to own and operate the means of production involves a corresponding obligation to try and give ever increasing value to the consumer of the goods produced. 

We try to do this by working hard at designing our products to be as effective as possible for the use to which they will be put by specifying the highest quality standards for the materials which we use and by trying to be as efficient and as careful as possible in making all the garments we sell.  

And our sixth basic objective - the provision of an aftersales service on a non-profit basis - was designed to demonstrate that we would remain interested in the appearance and performance of those garments for just as long as our customers wanted us to." 


Policy Statement by Neil Symons, Fletcher Jones Chairman 1979


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