Another Quality Improvement During the Christmas Break. 

To compete with the permanent press ability of synthetic materials, CSIRO developed a process to set permanent creases in wool fabric.  The process was first developed by Arthur Farnworth using a chemical process, named Siroset, that changed the structure of the wool fibres so they could be set with heat. Si-Ro-Set was released in 1957 and the Fletcher Jones company pioneered the use of this permanent pressing process in its manufacturing of skirts and trousers.  

Fletcher Jones encouraged innovation and staff were involved and often led the development of new ways of doing things.  This Staff Bulletin describes changes to the way the Siro was applied that was developed by staff over the Christmas Break in 1967!  

Another Quality Improvement During the Christmas Break. 

"For several years we have known that an improved method of Siro Spraying our pleated skirts was needed. 

Ever since we made pleated skirts, we have sprayed our materials in a spray booth by hand, trusting the skill of the operator that we obtain an even application of Siro.

Then Colin Kearney was given the problem of endeavouring to make this a foolproof process to guarantee evenness of application and elimination of the unpleasant fumes (especially on a hot day!).

Now - 'Hey Presto'.  The skirt pleaters returned from holiday to find that Bill Lovell, Les Hull-Brown, Alan Beales and Ted Dicks had been working hard to produce the answer. At the touch of a button, the 3 automatic guns travel the length of the totally enclosed booth, spraying the exact amount of Siro, then automatically switch off.

All concerned are absolutely delighted with the result and loud in their praise of the ‘Brains’ who perfected this Siro booth. 

Thank you gentlemen for a fine piece of work." 

Staff Bulletin from 25.1.1975 describing improvements to the FJ Siro spraying. 




Skirt produced using the Siroset process on the right. Skirt produced without the Siroset process on the left. Image CSIRO
Applying the Siro by hand in a spray booth at FJs, 1962.  Photo: Jones Family Collection

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