Fletcher Jones Memorial Coat

Jack Hancock grew up in Warrnambool.  He is a young clothing designer now based in Melbourne.  He made this coat from Fletcher Jones fabric for 2015 Fabrication 2 - an exhibition and auction held to raise funds for Warrnambool based arts collective, the F Project.  

Fabrication 1 and 2 started with a box of Fletcher Jones fabric salvaged from the Fletcher Jones Factory in 2007 and artists then repurpose the fabric into a work of art that is exhibited and auctioned.  The F Project is a dynamic artists collective in Warrnambool that was inspired by the values of Fletcher Jones.  

Jack writes about the coat and its meaning in the Designer's Story of the FJ Memorial Coat documents link below.  The coat was purchased at auction for almost $2,000 and then promptly donated back to the community - it is currently held at the Artery, the home of the F Project.  




The design lines on the back of the coat are taken directly from a map of Warrnambool's two rivers - the Hopkins and the Merri.  Picture: Jack Hancock.

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