Lifetime care of garments

In 1949, the Dry Cleaning, Reforming and Repairs After Sales opened at Pleasant Hill in the old quonset hut at Pleasant Hill.  

One of the 6 key objectives of Fletcher Jones and Staff Pty Ltd was to provide an effective after sales service on a non-profit basis.  Fletcher Jones wanted to produce great quality garments that looked good but he also wanted to help his customers ensure they stayed looking good for as long they wanted to wear them.  

“The provision of an after-sales service was designed to demonstrate that we would remain interested in the appearance and performance of those garments for just as long as our customers wanted us to.”   Fletcher Jones

"In the late 1940s FJs was receiving complaints that their garments were shrinking with some dry cleaners and so we decided to set up our own dry cleaning factory in Warrnambool where we carried out dry cleaning, repairs and alterations on our customers' garments."  Lawson Ryan worked for 39.5 years for Fletcher Jones Dry Cleaning Department.  

The after sales service was an important part of the quality control process.  While garments were being dry cleaned, repaired or altered, staff noted what fittings, fabrics or other parts of the garments could be improved for quality and value. 


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